Episode #83: Anatomy of Breathing

Do you want to incorporate the breath more into your yoga teaching?

Or do you just want to better understand how breathing works, and how it benefits us? In this episode, Michael covers all the aspects of breathing relating to yoga. He discusses how we breathe, the basic science and understanding of the body parts involved in breathing, and how we can use different techniques to affect our breathing patterns.

He also details the benefits and reasons for using different types of breathing, and how this applies to your yoga practice. Then he brings it all together by linking it to your yoga teaching.

Check out the full episode to get everything you need to know on the breath relating to yoga:

  • (01:04) We don’t just breathe in oxygen…
  • (02:52) Our lungs work like a vacuum
  • (05:07) The lungs have branches like a tree called the Bronchi
  • (09:05) What muscles control our breathing?
  • (14:17) Shoulder and neck breathing often occurs due to stress or anxiety
  • (19:38) Many yoga students can benefit from better breathing
  • (21:30) Parts of the lungs go dormant when you sleep and when you don’t use them
  • (24:42) Breathing slow or fast, what’s better?
  • (25:58) The benefit of holding your breath
  • (29:54) You can also force an exhale by using certain muscles…
  • (33:34) Holding the bottom of your exhale is great for your vagus nerve
  • (39:35) Applying the knowledge to your yoga teaching

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