Episode #8: Brian Swan – The Unstoppable Surfer with an Unstoppable Appetite for Life (Rat Race Revolution Podcast)

The one and only Brian Swan shares his extraordinary life of inspiration.

Formerly a robotics engineer, Brian speaks about his shocking meeting with Elon Musk. After a few bad investments gone wrong, Brian took stock of what he valued most and prioritized his family above all else. He came face-to-face with a question that we all have: to what end do we work? For what? Brian ultimately made the decision to leave his “dream life” in San Diego to follow his own dreams.

Brian is the dad of The Unstoppable Family that has been traveling the globe since 2008. Challenging the norm of what it means to raise a child in today’s world, Brian and his wife, Rhonda, completely redefined life on their own terms. This nuclear family is by definition, Unstoppable, and lives up to the name in every way possible.

This surfer may have left California, but the surf certainly has not left him! He makes it a priority to crush the waves in Bali, Indonesia and is able to share the experience with his daughter Hanalei Swan who paddles out with him. It’s not just all about fun, Brian paddles with a purpose. He recently finished a charity paddle surfing fundraiser to help those in need in Bali.

Brian is an entrepreneur at heart and recently launched a beard brand that he is very proud of. If you’ve got a beard, or someone in your life does, check out The Unstoppable Beard to keep your beard styled, soft, and under control.

It’s about Beards. It’s about being Unstoppable. It’s about time.

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