Episode #64: Managing Anxiety with Kristina Blundon

This is a truly enlightening episode, and it is packed with a lot of value and wisdom, from an emotionally intelligent and great communicating couple.

In this episode with Kristina (Michael’s partner), we explore the topics of emotional intelligence and dealing with anxiety We dive into subtopics of holding space, communication, and emotional awareness. And how these relate to yoga teaching and key values for a yoga teacher.

There are also some fun little insights and history of Michael and Kristina’s relationship and personal growth together. And some practical tools and tips on dealing with anxiety.

Kristina is part of the contentment foundation and if you would like to get in contact with her about anything that was discussed, please email her at: kristina@contentment.org

  • (00:00) Human life is not easy!
  • (00:57) Intro
  • (01:50) Welcoming Michael’s partner – Kristina
  • (03:19) Curiosity killed the Kristina
  • (05:24) A brief history of Tina
  • (08:20) Yoga teachers need to be able to hold space
  • (09:13) The pattern – this is not an affiliate promotion
  • (11:39) Chasing magic
  • (12:38) Community and Curiosity
  • (14:07) Michael wasn’t originally an emotionally aware man!
  • (15:11) Yoga teachers aren’t perfect
  • (16:07)Enlightenment is a daily practice
  • (19:25) A 6 year-old can befriend their anger
  • (20:22) The 4 pillars of well-being – These all apply to Yoga too!
  • (25:50) Contentment is Santosha in the Yoga world
  • (26:55) Yoga isn’t the solution to everything
  • (28:39) Let’s talk about anxiety
  • (30:11) Putting yourself on a pedestal, and setting self-expectations can be harmful
  • (33:43) Some practical tools and steps for dealing with anxiety
  • (35:41) Introducing Tiny Tina
  • (38:23) Tiny Tina often shows up in Savasana during Yoga
  • (40:16) Getting professional help cannot be recommended enough!
  • (42:39) Is medication a solution?
  • (45:14) Learning to communicate your feelings with others can be liberating!
  • (47:49) Going Pro offer

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