Episode #62: Core Value of Integrity

In this episode, we look into integrity as a core value.

We discuss what it means to have integrity. The difference between integrity and self-integrity. How integrity is an important aspect of your yoga teaching and your self-practice. And how students often don’t hold much integrity around commitments to attend a yoga class. We also discuss a solution to having more integrity.

And how your community, your friends, and the culture of where you live can have a big impact on the importance you place on integrity. We even touch upon the Vedic approach to this, and how a Vata imbalance can be related to a lack of integrity. If you struggle to maintain commitments and uphold your integrity with yourself or others.

Then make a commitment to listen to this full episode and follow through with it, and that will be your first step to having more integrity. 😉

  • (00:00) Let’s talk about integrity baby
  • (00:55) The desire for integrity comes from bad experiences where integrity was missing
  • (02:34) What does integrity mean to us?
  • (04:00) Self-integrity is just as important as our integrity to others
  • (05:40) Integrity to others is like trust, hard to build and easily lost
  • (07:13) Do you have integrity in your yoga teaching?
  • (08:57) External accountability and help can build your self-integrity
  • (10:20) Do you always show up to a yoga class when you say you will?
  • (11:36) Stop making commitments, say no more!
  • (12:39) Integrity is also affected by culture, community, and who you surround yourself with.
  • (14:07) Close community fosters integrity
  • (16:33) Vata energy is linked to a lack of integrity
  • (17:34) Don’t say yes to everything!
  • (18:33) Going Pro offer

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