Episode #60: Core Values and Business with Sharni Quinn

This episode brings incredible advice from a yoga and wellness marketing professional. 

Sharni Quinn shares how to avoid burnout and become a successful yoga teacher by using the yogic approach to business practices. Sharni Quinn is a yoga teacher, wellness, business, and life coach with years of experience in the industry. Sharni has experienced the highs and lows going through multiple burnouts while also creating multiple successful businesses.

In this interview episode, she shares her personal stories and provides some top tips, inspiration, and advice to new yoga teachers. PLUS Sharni shares the critical approach of defining your 3 core principles that will set you apart as a yoga teacher.

Listen to the full episode and gather all of Sharni’s experience, wisdom, and knowledge!

Connect with Sharni:

  • (00:00) What are your 3 core values?
  • (01:00) Episode Introduction
  • (01:54) Sharni brings the feminine energy to Going Pro
  • (03:29) A brief introduction to Sharni Quinn a.k.a. Shiny Queen
  • (06:34) The first rock bottom…
  • (08:15) The second rock bottom…
  • (11:00) Learning and growing is a constant process
  • (13:09) How to go from stress to success as a wellness professional
  • (14:59) Every yoga teachers journey is different
  • (17:12) Yoga in the USA and South Africa is a different animal
  • (19:53) The yoga landscape has changed in the last year!
  • (20:38) You can be a successful yoga teacher without being an influencer
  • (22:48) Bringing a yogic approach to doing business is powerful
  • (26:07) Cracking the code to avoid burnout
  • (30:31) Short strategy tip and takeaway for yoga teachers
  • (31:00) 3 core principle examples
  • (36:33) The difference between understanding and truly knowing
  • (37:29) We don’t need to be happy or joyful all the time
  • (40:13) Is all we really need just freedom and love?
  • (42:14) Using and not abusing social media to market yourself
  • (43:32) How to find more about Sharni Quinn
  • (44:43) Have you ever heard of Watsu?
  • (46:49) Byron has hijacked the podcast!
  • (48:23) Going Pro Special Offer

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