Episode #59: The Most Common Questions Asked in a Yoga Teacher Training (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of the most commonly asked questions that come up on yoga trainings.

In this episode we are digging deep through even more of these valuable questions. We go in-depth on how much rest is needed as both a student and a teacher. Plus if this differs depending on the type of yoga. We also cover more teacher-related questions in this episode. Like planning classes, physical cues, and recommendations regarding Sanskrit.

If you’re a yoga teacher or you’re aspiring to be a yoga teacher.

Then check out this full episode and pay close attention to the answers as they will probably give you a little edge on the other yoga teachers out there!

  • (00:00) Going Pro offer
  • (02:03) How much rest does the body need between yoga classes?
  • (02:18) The teachers answer
  • (04:14) The students answer
  • (06:30) Is the answer different regarding yin yoga?
  • (08:45) Do I need to plan the whole yoga class ahead?
  • (10:04) Does this differ when giving an online yoga class?
  • (11:05) Should I bend the knee more than 90 degrees?
  • (12:36) The anatomical answer from a physiotherapist
  • (15:47) Do I need to know the Sanskrit name for all the poses?
  • (17:20) Sanskrit can be beneficial for a truly international student base

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