Episode #58: The Most Common Questions Asked in a Yoga Teacher Training (Part 1)

In this episode of the Going Pro Yoga Podcast, we are answering the most commonly asked questions that come up on yoga trainings.

Having taught and led many yoga teacher trainings, these really are the repeat offenders that always get asked. So take the opportunity to get all of the answers firsthand right here! We discuss muscle cramps, how they happen in yoga, and what you can do about them.

We cover some anatomical questions about poses like pigeon and tadasana. Plus Byron goes deeper on why yoga should hurt so good. And how exploring your edge and your pain tolerance is part of understanding your yoga practice. These questions and answers could really help you out in your own practice to avoid common mistakes and injuries.

Also, as a yoga teacher, understanding some of these answers could be really valuable to share with your own students.

  • (00:00) Going Pro offer
  • (02:51) Why do people get muscle cramps during yoga?
  • (03:55) Your breathing might be affecting your muscle cramps…
  • (05:47) Nutrition and your diet affects muscle performance
  • (07:16) Should you practice yoga with your feet together or apart?
  • (08:49) The anatomical approach is…
  • (10:56) Does yoga have to hurt?
  • (12:00) Exploring your edge
  • (13:08) You need to know your own pain tolerance
  • (15:05) How to align the front foot in pigeon pose?
  • (17:37) Byron’s fondness for pigeon

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