Episode #57: Pet Peeves in Yoga (Part 3)

In our 3rd and final episode of yoga pet peeves, we are getting into more of the personal stuff.

Like what irritates Michael in a yoga class, and some of the most awful stereotypes that come up in yoga teachers. Have you experienced yoga teachers that speak as if everything opinion they share is a fact? Yoga teachers that tell you chaturanga or other poses are just straight-up bad for you?

Yoga teachers that like to get so creative in their cueing that you can’t really understand what they are saying or meaning? Yoga teachers that use that fake airy-fairy yoga voice, as if they are a wise sage?
Yoga teachers that use unnecessarily complicated and specific anatomy language?
Yoga teachers that are lazy at cueing?
Or even yoga teachers that insist on adjusting when it’s not even necessary?

Well in this episode we cover all of this and more, sharing our unfiltered opinions on why some of these things are freaking annoying!
So go ahead and jump right into this fun, no holds barred, dressing down of the worst yoga pet peeves…

  • (00:00) Going Pro offer
  • (01:41) Voicing strong opinions in a yoga class
  • (02:55) Don’t deal in absolutes
  • (03:42) Is chaturanga bad for you?
  • (05:38) Creative cueing, creative shmooing…
  • (07:20) The yoga voice, seriously… just no!
  • (09:57) Almost nobody knows what their serratus anterior is
  • (11:56) Get the block out of my face
  • (12:51) Lazy cueing sucks, give some guidance in transitions
  • (14:01) Adjustments – you don’t need to touch everyone in your class!
  • (15:33) Was this edgy enough for you? – wrap up

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