Episode #56: Pet Peeves in Yoga (Part 2)

Oct 25, 2021 | The Evolution of Yoga


There were so many pet peeves to cover we had to do a 2nd episode!

If you missed part one, then go back and check that out first.

In this Part 2, we are covering more things that piss us off as yoga teachers.

Plus we get to find out about Byron’s least favourite compliments that he often gets as a teacher!

We also touch upon how sociopaths may have an advantage and upper hand as a yoga teacher.

Towards the end of the episode, we start to delve into pet peeves as a yoga student.

Things teachers do that might piss you off in class.

So if you’re a student or teacher, pay attention, there are some valuable lessons in here to be learned.

  • (00:00) Going Pro offer
  • (01:37) What is closed energy, and why does it suck…
  • (03:24) Is there a desire to get students to open up as a teacher?
  • (04:32) Sociopaths have an advantage as yoga teachers!
  • (05:39) When students ignore your cues…
  • (08:47) I’m a yoga teacher, not a DJ
  • (10:30) Byron’s pet peeve about compliments
  • (12:39) Michael’s commitment to not complain about things
  • (13:46) Student pet peeves: The teacher talks too much
  • (15:00) Does Beyonce give you inspiration in your yoga classes

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This Podcast is Co-hosted by one of the most respected yoga teachers from the world-renowned Yoga Barn in Bali, Indonesia, Paul Teodo and, internationally recognized Physiotherapist and rehabilitation specialist, Michael Henri.

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