Episode #55: Pet Peeves in Yoga (Part 1)

In this very raw episode, we go deep on yoga teacher pet peeves!

Things that really commonly piss us off as teachers, and happen universally in all types of yoga classes. Byron and Michael both share some personal stories and insights into their own experiences of yoga class pet peeves.

Plus if you’re a yoga teacher there are some great insights and pointers in here for how to deal with some of these issues if they occur in your classes. It’s also valuable to take note as a student in case you have any of these bad habits yourself.

Maybe you aren’t even aware, but you might be pissing off your teacher. So, at the very least, understanding your bad habits could help you be a better student.

  • (00:00) A special Going Pro offer
  • (02:11) Byron is PISSED OFF!
  • (03:22) Students showing up late, GRRRR!
  • (05:00) Locking your students out of class
  • (06:05) Michael’s lateness broke time itself…
  • (07:35) Instagram content shouldn’t be captured in a yoga class
  • (09:15) Parents parenting in class, DON’T, instead just be a student
  • (10:26) When Byron snaps at a parent…
  • (12:12) Interrupting the class with a question
  • (13:49) Talking ruins the practice for other students
  • (14:30) Going off sequence
  • (16:17) The beauty in everyone’s flaws
  • (17:32) Pet peeves are rooted in your childhood

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