Episode #53: Light and Dark of Intention Setting

Yoga is/has become a very spiritual practice, with intention setting a common start to a yoga class.

But is this actually a good or bad thing? In this episode, we go deep into the ideas and philosophy of intention setting. We discuss the light and dark sides of it. How intentions can be really powerful and beneficial, but also limiting and hindering.

We also cover the difference between intentions and expectations. As a teacher, we discuss the pros and cons and how you can come to your own conclusions about intention setting in your classes.

This is a topic that is really valuable to be aware of, and understand as a teacher the impact it can have on your classes and students…

  • (01:36) Byron’s Love Of Intention Setting
  • (03:20) The Risks Of Intention Setting
  • (05:18) Exercise – Imagine Yourself In A Yoga Classroom…
  • (07:43) Intentions Can Be Super Deep And Powerful, Or Also Really Simple
  • (09:16) As A Teacher You Should Develop Your Own Beliefs Around Intentions
  • (10:52) Let’s Go Deeper If You’re Willing…
  • (12:15) The Difference Between Intentions And Expectations
  • (12:45) Michael’s Monthly Intentions
  • (14:46) Rebelling Against Intentions
  • (16:04) A Complete Summary

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