Episode #50: Business of Yoga with Amy MacDonald

This is the best business advice for new yoga teachers!

You can hear firsthand the experiences and wisdom of someone who has gone through the complete process of transitioning from a corporate job to a full-time yoga teacher, then to a business coach for yoga teachers.

Amy MacDonald is a yoga business coach with a huge range of experience and knowledge in the yoga industry. In this episode, she shares her personal journey of practicing yoga as a child. The evolution of her practice and teaching. Plus the struggles and mistakes that helped her find success and helps her deliver success for new yoga teachers too.

And you can get her top advice and tips for new yoga teachers to avoid common mistakes. There is some really powerful and great advice and topics packed into this episode. Plus some really fun personal stories too.

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  • (00:41) Introduction To Amy MacDonald
  • (02:00) Learning Yoga As A Kid
  • (06:10) Amy’s Eat, Pray, Love Journey
  • (09:36) The Not So Sexy Side Of Corporate Management
  • (12:05) Amy’s First Teacher Training Experience
  • (17:04) The Big Issues With Most 200hr Yoga Trainings
  • (19:21) Managing Expectations As A New Yoga Teacher
  • (21:44) Thai Fishing Pants Aren’t Yoga Appropriate…
  • (23:11) Becoming A Full-Time Yoga Teacher
  • (27:27) Your Number Of Students Doesn’t Determine Your Self Worth
  • (28:20) The Biggest Business Challenge New Yoga Teachers Face
  • (30:08) The Best Business Tip For New Yoga Teachers
  • (33:36) Unrealistic Expectations From 200hr Trainings
  • (35:11) Top 3 Common Mistakes And Fixes For New Yoga Teachers
  • (39:51) Tip 1 Recap – Stop Chasing Perfection
  • (40:54) Tip 2 Recap – Qualified Outsourcing (Understand What You’re Paying For)
  • (41:47) Tip 3 Recap – Community And Competition In The Yoga Industry
  • (43:43) Why We Need More Men In The Yoga Industry
  • (50:46) How To Get In Touch With Amy…

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