Episode #49: How to Practice Yoga with Lower Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common injuries or issues that appear in yoga classes!

Learning how to practice with a back injury and lead a class is really important. Plus understanding how to safely share and teach students who are suffering from back injuries is very valuable. As a yoga teacher, it is important to understand both the benefits and also limitations of yoga to heal someone’s back. Plus managing expectations of students as well.  We even discuss the distinction between a yoga teacher and a doctor, and to be wary of giving medical advice.

This episode is so valuable because it is so common to experience back pain or injuries in either yourself or in your students.

  • (00:52) Intro To Lower Back Pain
  • (01:47) Byron’s Personal Experience With Back Pain
  • (03:12) Michael’s Personal Experience With Back Pain
  • (04:21) Practicing Yoga Can Help Prevent Back Pain
  • (06:06) Only You Know How Your Body Feels
  • (06:53) Going Deeper On The Anatomy
  • (08:40) Yoga Can Help But It Can’t Fix Every Back Problem
  • (10:08) The Wild Wild West Of Physical Therapy
  • (11:22) Yoga Teachers Aren’t Doctors
  • (12:18) How To Teach With A Back Injury

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