Episode #42: How to Control the Room when Teaching Yoga

Do you struggle with controlling the room in your yoga classes?

Taking control of the room is an essential skill to master as a Yoga Teacher. If you struggle to control and lead a room full of students, the impact of your teaching will be much less effective. Gaining control of a room, and setting boundaries/rules, are essential to providing a desirable experience in your yoga classes.

Michael and Byron share their top tips for controlling your yoga classes, from the teacher’s and student’s perspectives.

They discuss the following topics:

  • (01:47) Control, types of control and why it’s needed in a yoga classroom
  • (03:14) Controlling the Environment (Airflow, Temperature, The Room)
  • (06:10) Controlling the Humans (Demonstrating, Position in the room)
  • (08:44) Manipulating the voice
  • (08:58) Expert Tip – Using Balancing Poses
  • (10:09) Summarizing the tips
  • (11:36) Importance of Time Management
  • (12:49) Using Positive Reinforcement
  • (13:03) Most Important – Setting Rules at the Start of Class

These tips apply to all sorts of yoga classes, and teaching environments.
Whether you’re a power yoga teacher or yin yoga teacher.

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