Episode #34: Healthy Masculinity & Femininity and Being Imperfectly-Perfect with Callan Mielnik

Giving yourself permission, forgiveness and grace is one of the hardest challenges we all face.

It is an art. And it starts with giving ourselves permission first. Not always easy and often requires reminders, which is why made that the focus on this episode. This week’s episode we invite Callan Mielnik, a Yoga teacher, Acro Yogi, Dance artist and overall sweetheart.

Callan has strong beliefs about the power of giving ourselves permission as teachers, as well as encouraging that permission onto our students. She was taught these lessons early on from her 200 hour YTT with the School of Sacred Arts (SOSA), and they’ve stuck with her as one of the most important lessons learned.

While this topic seems simple on the front-end, the conversation goes deep into how it connects to:

  • Balance between Masculinity and Feminiity
  • Being Sloppy, Imperfect and learning How to make Mistakes
  • What it means when we’re feeling “broken”
    And so much more..

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