Episode #30: The Art of Responding vs Reacting with Byron de Marsé

That choice on whether you’re going to… respond… or react.⁠

In this week’s episode, we welcome back Byron de Marsé as our guest to talk about so many interesting topics that it’s hard to encapsulate them all in this description…. But I’ll try (Just listen to the full episode, you won’t be disappointed). The general theme of the episode is centered around the choice of reacting versus responding in situations within our day-to-day life. And how WE can make big difference in the happiness, or peace, we feel – And to those that warrant a reaction/response. Reacting usually means our emotions quickly decide our next move. ⁠

For example, getting frustrated, annoyed, and upset when others do something that triggers you. However, responding means that I step back from those emotions and look at the whole picture for a “minute”. Asking myself:⁠

“What are possible reasons for this to be happening?”⁠
“How can I do something differently to change the outcome?”⁠
That “minute” allows time to realize that maybe “I need to be more clear in MY communication so that others know what my expectations are, so I don’t get frustrated, annoyed and upset.

Ahhh yes…. that seems like the wiser choice! Wisdom is a balance of emotional mind and logical mind.⁠

Acting from emotions is a “reaction”🤬⁠
Acting from logic is robotic🤖⁠
Acting from WISDOM is what sets us free.☮️⁠

This is a flash of light on how this applies in life, and how this simple concept can be applied through various situations in your life to find a sense of peace in motion so that you can minimize the “suffering” you go through by not letting your mind wallow in mind poo (toxic emotions).

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