Episode #24: The Best Exercises to Support Your Personal Yoga Practice

Yoga is NOT a complete all-in-one practice. 

While it’s fantastic by itself… there are several things that you SHOULD do to complement your practice that is highly recommended for a completely well-rounded healthy body.

If yoga is ALL that you do, you’re likely to develop “weak” spots in your body. It’s better to avoid these things from happening as they could lead to injuries in the long term. PLUS, with these well-rounded suggestions, your yoga practice will become easier and feel even better in your body. Generally, yoga is missing the following:

  • pulling exercises
  • cardiovascular exercise
  • elasticity training

Some of which can be incorporated into yoga practice with some creativity, however, it’s not always the easiest. So we recommend finding other activities and exercises that can really supplement and make a difference in your body.

We also touch on the importance of a strong meditation practice and how that can make a MAJOR impact on your physical practice.

Listen to this 28-minute episode where Michael and Paul each share their own personal practices to supplement yoga to prevent those “weak” spots from becoming a problem down the line.

The goal of this episode is to get you thinking about what might be missing from YOUR practice and how you can supplement your own potential “weak” spots with activities that can really make a difference!

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