Episode #23: How to Respond to Questions about Injuries as a Yoga Teacher

Why are Yoga teachers expected to know everything about injuries?!?

This is common in most professions that are considered in the health and wellness space.
Particularly because yoga teachers are “Movement Therapists” and so, there is a myth that they should know everything about the body, and all the aches, pains, and injuries that come with it.
Well, yes… and no… It’s unrealistic for a Yoga Teacher to be fully trained to be able to answer questions about injuries and rehabilitation.
Unless of course, they have a background that can speak to that!
In this special edition episode, Michael breaks down the 3-Stages of Injuries, and how to best support your students when they bring their aches and pains to your attention.
Listen to this 25-minute episode Michael provides practical tips on how to respond to the common questions asked before and after yoga class. Learn about the 3-Stages of Injuries and how to best direct them to their next steps.
Those steps could be to attend your class, or it could be to see another professional. Either way, this episode will provide clarity on how to navigate those tough questions!

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