Episode #21: Debunking the Rumors about taking a 200/300 HR Yoga Teacher Training

Have you heard about this rumor?

The word on the streets is that taking a 200HR YTT is not meant to get you ready to teach in the real world! You’ll have to take additional training, like a 300HR, to be ready to teach!

That’s BS! And a play for more money…
Graduating from a 200Hr YOGA TEACHER TRAINING, and walking away with a certificate of being able to call yourself a “Yoga Teacher”… any training should be giving all the tools to do exactly that!

Not an excuse/justification for the lack of preparation from trainers. (clearly some passion behind this one!)

– – –

Listen to this 25-minute episode to hear the truth behind why this rumor has spread and why it is becoming widely accepted as the ‘norm’, but more importantly how to not accept this rumor as fact!

We’ll also share about the practical and fundamental tools needed to teach yoga in the real world, which include:

  • Sequencing
  • Teaching methodology
  • Public Speaking
  • Injury Prevention
  • Practice Teaching

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