Episode #17: How to Pick a Yoga Teacher Training You’ll LOVE

Are you interested in becoming a Yoga Teacher?

If you’re anything like me (Michael), you wouldn’t know where to start on how to choose a training!

I had NO CLUE, how to choose!

Lucky for me, I was fortunate enough to sign-up for a yoga teacher training that fit my personality, and style, very well!

Not everyone is so lucky. . .

It’s a competitive and growing industry, and like most things that get popular, there is a ‘watered-down’ effect that takes place.

I doubt you want to sign-up for a training that is going to leave you to feel shorted by the end.

Paul walks me through the best strategy on how to pick a yoga teacher training, and by the end of the episode, you’ll know EXACTLY what you need to do next!

You’ll feel much better about choosing the right training for you!

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