Episode #15: Chris Walker – Businessman to Yoga Teacher, Bali and Beyond (Rat Race Revolution Podcast)

Join us for another exciting episode and learn about Chris Walker’s journey to becoming a yoga teacher. Chris made his mark in the corporate world in West Coast California before moving to London and finally Bali. Chris’s tale is another powerful story of finding the North Star and living a life in alignment with purpose.

Chris was a successful businessman with it all. On paper, he lived “the life” that we are all taught to dream of, but something was missing. Yoga entered his life and quickly became a guiding light of happiness and alignment. 

Chris made the leap to become a yoga teacher after a series of challenging events that most of us can relate to. His story is inspiring and relatable as he was forced to answer life’s challenging questions that prompted him to evaluate his lifestyle.

Chris lives in beautiful Bali and has made a name for himself as a prominent yoga teacher. His life is full of passion as he helps those live with purpose.

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