Episode #14: Sara Agah Franti – A Mom Building a Business for the People of the World (Rat Race Revolution Podcast)

Sara Agah Franti is an entrepreneur, a people-worker, philanthropist, and a registered nurse. She mixes a bit of mom life with adventure as she builds her business in Bali.

Until recently, Sara lived in San Francisco with her husband, the extremely talented musician, Michael Franti, but moved to Bali as a result of the coronavirus. Sara and Michael own the Soulshine retreat center in Bali where they regularly host events and retreats but now she is taking that game to the next level.

Sara shares with Paul Teodo how the coronavirus changed her life forever and brought her to live in Bali. The change-up has created a unique opportunity for her to create a business for the people of the world. She talks about how she escaped the “rat race” to literally live in paradise here in Bali.

Sara shares her past journey and dives into the major events that shaped the world that she knows today. As the wife of the world famous musician, Michael Franti, she has been blessed with success but refuses to let it be handed to her. She has staked her own claim in the world and rightfully has made a name for herself. She gives the people of the world her heart and offers her love with her all.

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