Episode #13: Andrew Sealy – Creating Your Own Reality Through Yoga, Passion, and Love (Rat Race Revolution Podcast)

Andrew Sealy is one of those rare humans that has the potential to change your life forever just by one encounter. Andrew lives life on his own terms and is the creative director of his own reality.

This episode is a heart-warming talk between long-time friends Andrew and Brent. Andrew lights up every room he walks into his heart of gold. You only need to spend a few seconds with Andrew to tap into his high vibration and positivity as you will quickly see in this episode.

Andrew is a world-renowned yoga teacher, acroyoga teacher, Your Aligned Purpose cofounder, meditation teacher, movement master, vegan chef, GLO Vegan protein cofounder, entrepreneur, and so much more. 

I have had the pleasure of knowing Andrew for over a decade now. I’ve been with him on his journey from the beginning and seen him grow into the incredible human being that he is. He looks at life through a different lens and sees the good, the beautiful, and the positive in everything.

Andrew’s life changed when he started practicing yoga in college. Brent and Andrew share stories from back in the day and dive into some of the catalysts that propelled Andrew into becoming a yoga teacher.

Becoming a yoga teacher wasn’t a path full of sunshine and rainbows. Andrew shares his struggles, challenges, and obstacles that he overcame during his journey to a yoga teacher. Andrew lives his life with intention, passion, and curiosity as he lives each and every day to its fullest potential.

Andrew helps others realize their ultimate potential and realize their dreams by teaching them to look inside themselves and see what has always been. 

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