Episode #12: Adam Carney – East+West Yoga School: A Fusion of Traditional India with the Modern World (Rat Race Rebellion Podcast)

Adam Carney is an entrepreneur, a world traveler, yoga teacher,  and the founder of East+West Yoga. His yoga teacher school is already one of the largest in the world with massive success in creating yoga teacher trainings in Bali and online. At the core, East+West yoga teacher trainings bring together traditional Indian Easter yoga teachers and commercially successful Western yoga teachers to create a unique experience from Eastern and Western philosophies.

Like many of us, Adam was feeling burnt out from the grind of start-up life. He wanted a change and needed to switch things up. With a desire to further his yoga practice, Adam decided to become a yoga instructor but wanted more out of a yoga teacher training than his local studio could offer so he decided to go all-in and head to the source of it all, India.

This yoga teacher training changed everything for him. He saw the world through different eyes, in a different light. Although he returned to the start-up life and jumped back into the rat race, it wasn’t long before his deeper appreciation for life took the reins and he found himself stepping away from his start-up to follow his inner calling.

He came up with the idea to mix the traditional Indian yoga teacher teachings with a modern flair that would allow the student to have an experience second to none. He carried over his business experience and expertise into the yoga world to create a high quality yoga teacher training like no other.

In this episode, Adam and Paul discuss the elements of creating a great yoga teacher training and how 2020 has changed the landscape of the yoga community. Adam also shares personal insights on being a successful entrepreneur and running a conscious business.

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