Episode #10: Joy Souligny – A Visionary for Women Investors (Rat Race Revolution Podcast)

Joy Souligny is an empowered international business woman who is leveraging her experience in the financial industry to make investing better accessible for women everywhere. Joy has quite the impressive backstory and a very similar journey to Brent’s own, as he soon finds out.

Brent and Joy discuss her ups, her downs, her struggles, and her accomplishments that have led her to redefining her life in Bali. She now uses her power for good and is shaping the way women see investing with her latest entrepreneurial endeavor, INVESTERA.

Tune in to hear Joy tell her tale of her own battle with the corporate rat race and how it shaped her to be the woman she is today. This is an inspiring tale of accomplishment an entrepreneurship.

INVESTERA is reshaping the culture of money and creating pathways for more diverse, values-driven investors to contribute to a sustainable future. This starts with more female investors.

We envision a community building financial intelligence and making investments they would have not imagined were accessible before joining INVESTERA.

We envision a new era of investing where people allocate their funds as an expression of their values and a commitment to care for others and the planet.

Joy has 10+ years of working at the forefront of impact finance at a global scale, driving change at an unconventional bank that provides responsible, innovative and impactful financial services in 20 countries.

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