Episode #77: How to Teach Yoga with Paul Teodo and Byron de Marse

How can you decide what yoga teacher training is the right one for you?

With so many trainings and teachers these days, it’s very hard to tell the difference between a great training, and a bad training. With the return of Paul Teodo to the podcast, we discuss the very valuable topic of teacher trainings and mentors.

We talk about the value of experience versus certifications. Why there are many low-quality yoga trainings existing nowadays. The student mindset and dedication to excellence. Plus how Going Pro works and why we want to make our trainings as valuable as possible!

If you are considering taking a yoga teacher training, then this is a must listen to podcast episode!

  • (00:41) Welcoming back Paul Teodo
  • (04:21) We are excited about our upcoming training!
  • (05:53) Why are yoga trainings becoming watered down and lower quality?
  • (08:29) Where are the mentors and experienced yoga teachers?
  • (11:02) If Harvard made you unemployable it wouldn’t be a good University…
  • (14:35) Byron and Paul’s experiences as students
  • (17:13) Are you committing to pursuing excellence as a teacher?
  • (20:45) Get on the phone and ask questions of the teachers, investigate their experience
  • (22:54) A teachers experience and real-world teaching is more valuable than information
  • (24:30) Would you trust an MBA grad or college dropout with your money?
  • (27:10) This training is going to be NEW and improved
  • (28:03) Going Pro is going to add an extra layer of excellence to our trainings
  • (30:12) Learn the rules like a professional, so you can break the rules like an artist!


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