Episode #69: Mastering Flow State

In today’s episode, we are exploring flow state, what it is, and how to access it…

We start by explaining what flow state is. What it feels like, and what helps Michael to achieve flow state. We also discuss how flow state is a bit subjective, it can be different for everyone, and that it’s not just linked to creativity. We of course discuss flow state in yoga, and yoga teaching, and how the breath helps us to find focus.

Best of all, Byron shows us a demonstration of flow state with some freestyle rapping!

So check out the full episode to catch all the details on flow state, and all of Byron’s brilliant rapping.

  • (00:21) Flow state is like a cold plunge…
  • (02:00) Have you experienced runner’s high?
  • (03:08) What triggers Michael’s flow state?
  • (04:02) What blocks flow state?
  • (05:26) Flow state isn’t just for creatives, accountants can get in flow state too!
  • (07:18) Flow state doesn’t have a concrete definition
  • (08:53) You don’t want to be in flow state for too long…
  • (11:05) Vinyasa uses the breath, and that can help achieve flow state
  • (11:35) Byron’s flow state rap!
  • (12:47) How developed your neural pathways are impacts accessing flow state
  • (13:31) Flow state is different for each individual
  • (15:14) The wrap (RAP) up
  • (15:58) Going Pro offer

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