Episode #26: Drug Addict to Yogi Entrepreneur with Danni Pomplun

“Be it. Trust it.”

Arguably one of the most inspiring stories I’ve heard in a long time, Senior Yoga Teacher, Danni Pomplun, shares his journey where he went from drug addict to a well-respected yoga teacher.

Growing up in East LA back in the day, and with a challenging child-hood, pushed Danni to leave home at the age of 16 years old and live on his own.

Turning to drugs, sex work, and any means to help him survive, Danni has experienced life in a way that many of us have never seen, or imagined.

Through a series of events, Danni was able to pull himself out of those toxic environments and grow into an inspiration for us all.

Listen to this 45-minute episode where Paul interviews Danni on his life story that will inspire your day!

From scrubbing toilets to leading trainings all over the world, Danni shares more than just his story, but his revelations throughout his life which is better than any self-help book you could pick up!

Danni Pomplin’s Instagram

Danni’s Website

Danni’s Podcast: Seeker and Sage

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