Episode #63: How to Become more Authentically YOU

Today, we are exploring what authenticity really means. 

How it relates to being a yoga teacher. Plus share some advice on how and why you should be more authentic if you aren’t already. We get into the topics of open mic and public speaking being a great measure of authenticity. Plus how sharing circles, especially in the yoga world tend to cultivate genuine authentic relating. We even talk about the Kevin Costner effect.

And everyone’s pet peeve, the classic small talk, “how are you?” question.If you want to be more authentic, or want your yoga teaching to come across more authentically.

Then listen in to the full episode to get our take on what it really means to be truly your authentic self.

  • (00:00) Byron’s on his phone!
  • (01:42) What is the google definition of authenticity?
  • (02:46) Are you an original unique copy?
  • (04:00) Are you being fully vulnerable
  • (06:00) The Kevin Costner effect…
  • (08:08) Authenticity for new yoga teachers
  • (09:22) Being authentic as a yoga teacher can be challenging at first
  • (10:35) No one is born a yoga teacher!
  • (12:06) Open mic/public speaking is a great example of authenticity
  • (14:07) Sharing circles can be amazing vehicles for authenticity
  • 16:38) If you’re not being authentic you’re a selfish son of a…
  • (17:48) Authenticity breeds authenticity
  • (19:29) How are you? May be the least authentic conversation opener ever!
  • (21:34) How to Authentically not give a crap.
  • (22:50) Going Pro Offer

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