Episode #9: Kai Mata – The First Openly Gay Musician in Indonesia (Rat Race Revolution Podcast)

Kai Mata is a singer/songwriter raised between Indonesia and the USA with a heart of gold. She recently came out as Indonesia’s first openly gay artist and has exploded in popularity. Being gay is a bold statement to make in a predominately Muslim and counservative country where marriage and procreation is a paramount part of society. Being gay in Indonesia is seldomly admitted outside of close friends and lovers because of the potential backlash of hate crimes and discrimination. Kai speaks with host, Paul Teodo, about the need for more awareness about LGBTQ+ rights in Asian countries, and the difficulties and responsibilities that come with authenticity in this captivating episode of The Rat Race Revolution Podcast.

[Brent Collier] I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Kai personally for quite some time now and she is the real deal. She’s an incredible person with a good heart trying to make a real difference in the world the way she knows best – her music. She’s captivating, energizing, and an all around bundle of fun who fills my heart up everytime.

Self-proclaimed as Indonesia’s first openly gay musician, Kai fliers the rainbow flag with pride. Indonesian is a very conservative country with society and laws that ostracize and discriminate against any and all non-heterosexual sexual orientations. She is a vocal activist for LGBTQ+ rights on and off stage.

Kai Mata is an Indonesian Singer-Songwriter with a quirky-folk charm and vibrant lyricism that intertwine to cultivate connection. Listen to Kai Mata on Spotify here.

With an emphasis on truthful storytelling, her shows are not solely performance, but also where audiences are invited into the world of sunlight to shadows. Her folksy debut album, Time to Shine, brought her to tour in the US, where she shared a beacon of light from her experiences discovering adulthood and love.

In 2019, she stepped into the role as a musical pioneer for the LGBTQ+ Community in Indonesia with her Pride Anthem, So Hard. Though her songs celebrating love have often sparked national controversy and backlash, they also have propelled her to be featured across the world on the South China Morning Post, Pink News, Mashable, and Diva Magazine, to name a few.

Her most recent single, Where Love Goes, shows a progression as Kai Mata heralds love in an unmistakably memorable, captivating way, with fragrant hooks from an enchanting whistle, harmonic layers of vocals, and driving, rhythmic instrumentation to keep the listeners captivated.

Kai Mata: “I’m here to claim the space that is rightfully mine.”

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