Episode #82: Vegan and Yoga

Do you need to be Vegan to be a true Yogi?

And why do yoga teacher trainings often implement a strictly vegan or vegetarian diet? In this episode, we discuss veganism and how it ties into the yogic principle of Ahimsa (non-violence). We hear both Byron and Michael’s own personal views and backgrounds.

And the ethical or moral aspect and understanding of Ahimsa and how that relates to a vegan or non-vegan diet. Plus they discuss the evolutionary and ancestral aspect of if humans are adapted to being meat eaters or vegans.

If you want to understand whether it’s necessary to be vegan to be a yogi or not, then listen to the full episode…

  • (01:24) Veganism in yoga teacher trainings
  • (03:59) Ahimsa and how it relates to veganism
  • (07:10) Byron grew up on a ranch with hundreds of cows
  • (09:04) Are you the broccoli?
  • (11:47) Evolutionarily and ancestrally humans are both carnivorous and vegetarian/vegan.
  • (13:54) Are our teeth designed for a plant-based diet, a meat diet, or do we even need teeth at all?
  • (15:27) The ethics of over-production of cattle and crops
  • (18:08) Getting sidetracked by AI and robot nightmares
  • (20:37) Plot Twist: We went full circle back to the ethics of non-harming

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