Episode #81: ‘Good’ Karma vs ‘Bad’ Karma

Have you ever wondered if you have good or bad karma?

Or maybe you want to know how yoga and karma are related to one another? Well in today’s episode we are discussing all things karmic.

We delve into a philosophical approach to dissect what karma really is, and Byron even channels his inner Sadhguru to share his full karmic wisdom and knowledge. We also discuss the links and relations between yoga and karma to bring it full circle.

Check the full episode to start generating good karma for yourself!

  • (02:19) What is karma to you?
  • (06:24) Collecting karma points
  • (08:30) Byron is… SADHGURU!!!
  • (11:54) The Western Karma Perspective
  • (12:52) Karma and Yoga
  • (14:01) We all come from the same source and the same soil
  • (14:47) Sadhguru fangirling!
  • (16:19) Ant colonies are like karma colonies
  • (17:41) Becoming more individually focused we lose the union
  • (19:48) Byron’s Bali revelations

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