Episode #80: Trauma Informed Yoga with Anthea Taeuber

Have you ever had to deal with a student suffering from trauma or PTSD in your yoga class?

Or do you want to overcome your own trauma safely through your own yoga practices? In this episode Anthea shares her experiences, knowledge, and guidance on teaching yoga in a trauma-informed way.

She explains how and why these tips and cues can help students managing with different types of traumas. Plus delivers some incredibly practical teaching advice. She provides usable tips on teaching, and how to make your classes more trauma-informed. Plus she shares how you can apply this to your own practice too.

Listen to the full episode to get the complete scoop!

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  • (00:00) Studying Byronology
  • (04:07) Welcoming Anthea
  • (06:14) What is cognitive neuroscience?
  • (09:27) Defining trauma…
  • (11:56) Big T and little t trauma
  • (13:18) EMDR therapy
  • (15:46) Right and left brain emotions and logic
  • (18:00) Regulating your amygdala
  • (19:04) Trauma triggers in yoga
  • (22:55) Language and allowing space in your class
  • (26:25) Consent cards for adjustments are powerful
  • (29:00) Energetic and visual cues can be great alternatives to physical adjustments
  • (31:06) One word check in’s for how people are feeling
  • (33:24) Savasana can be triggering for PTSD and trauma
  • (36:44) Pose awareness, which poses trigger you
  • (40:02) We don’t all need to be perfect trauma-informed teachers
  • (41:35) Bilateral stimulation poses
  • (44:40) Metaphors and visualisations
  • (49:27) Recap of trauma-informed yoga teaching skills
  • (52:33) Acroyoga can be a powerful healing tool for trauma
  • (55:54) How to get in contact with Anthea

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