Episode #79: How to Make Yourself More Employable

Are you wanting to become a full-time professional, and successful yoga teacher?

We have two highly experienced and successful studio teachers in Paul and Byron, who have both taught in the top studios in both LA and Bali.

They are sharing their advice, insights, and tips for how to become highly employable as a yoga teacher! In this very valuable episode, they discuss student success stories, self-promotion, and how they grew their experience and reputation.

If you really want to be a successful yoga teacher, then listen to this full episode to get all the best tips and advice.

  • (02:21) How can you make yourself low maintenance for a yoga studio?
  • (03:13) Byron’s professional experience
  • (07:05) Paul’s professional experience
  • (08:35) Sometimes you’re going to teach a shitty class
  • (11:30) We’re not social media dinosaurs
  • (12:54) Get comfortable with self-promotion
  • (14:54) Not everyone has access to big studios and lots of class options
  • (16:27) Student success story – Art
  • (17:47) Do you want to be the best yoga teacher you can possibly be?
  • (18:50) Student success story – Risa
  • (21:22) What to do when you hit a roadblock?
  • (22:46) Have a mentor, and surround yourself with likeminded people
  • (24:32) Yoga might just be the answer

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