Episode #78: How to Lead a Successful Yoga Retreat

Have you ever wanted to run your own yoga retreats?

Or maybe you’ve been on a retreat and had an amazing experience, and are curious to know what goes into making that happen? In this episode, Paul and Byron discuss some of the best tips and tricks on how to successfully lead a yoga retreat. They share some wonderful wisdom for new yoga teachers wanting to run retreats. Tips on demographics, how to attract students, price points, and much more.

Check out the full episode and start running your own retreats!

  • (00:51) Paul and Byron’s first-ever yoga retreat in Costa Rica!
  • (02:14) Byron flipping the bird in LA
  • (03:01) The starting of a business and a friendship
  • (06:10) If you’re a new yoga teacher and want to run a retreat, how do you start?
  • (08:53) The business side of yoga…
  • (11:25) Be an assistant to a teacher you look up to
  • (15:59) Consider if you actually want to organise the retreat or just teach
  • (16:37) Choose and know your demographic
  • (18:29) Allow proper time for marketing and planning
  • (19:45) See the resort for yourself, or get a trusted recommendation/review
  • (22:11) Paul’s upcoming Greece retreat
  • (23:06) You don’t have to teach yoga to run a yoga retreat…

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