Episode #76: Affirmations and Creating Habits with Jaeden Schafer

Do you want to transform your life, correct bad habits, and overcome your negative beliefs?

What if we told you that it is as simple and easy as listening to some positive affirmations for a few minutes each day…

That is exactly what we are discussing in this podcast episode with Jaeden Schafer. He is the creator of the Selfpause app, which provides positive affirmations and meditations. It even lets you create your own personalised affirmations.

We discuss with him the power and benefit of positive affirmations. The science behind how they work. Plus how you can begin to implement your own positive affirmations into your life via the app as well.

This could be the most life-changing podcast episode yet, so don’t miss it.

  • (00:46) Welcoming Jaeden
  • (02:13) What is a positive affirmation?
  • (03:30) It all started with motherhood and childbirth affirmations
  • (05:57) Spotify and the birthing of an app
  • (08:53) The science of affirmations
  • (11:41) How to create new neural pathways
  • (13:50) Visualisation adds to the power of the words
  • (19:13) Merging meditation and affirmation is extra-powerful
  • (23:14) Personal affirmations are amazing!
  • (26:35) How Jaeden uses the app…
  • (30:03) The app is free to download
  • (31:30) The 369 method is so powerful!
  • (37:03) 2 weeks is super fast to start shifting habits
  • (40:08) How to get started with the app
  • (42:42) Get in contact with Jaeden

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