Episode #75: The Power of Words, Language, and Communication

Do you find yourself making negative self-talk or using negative language?

Then you should listen to this episode and learn about how the language you use can have a direct impact on your emotions and mindset. We also discuss how language has a huge influence when teaching yoga. Every aspect of it, from tone to volume, and to the actual choice of words themselves. Just by changing your language, you can change the energy and tone of your yoga class. For your own personal growth benefit and happiness, it is important to bring more awareness to your language, and for teaching yoga too.

So check out the full episode to learn how to improve your language internally and as a yoga teacher!

  • (01:44) Language creates meaning
  • (02:24) How would you describe yourself?
  • (03:58) What you believe to be true can be affected by the words you use
  • (05:00) We all have different responses to language
  • (07:39) How does your use of language impact how you teach a yoga class?
  • (09:43) Negative self-talk language reinforces negative patterns
  • (11:27) Repetition builds neural pathways with language too
  • (13:24) Byron’s Douchebag story…
  • (16:52) A yoga teaching example of the impact of language
  • (17:35) As a yoga teacher mastering language will help you guide students to what you want them to feel
  • (18:58) Byron’s Bryan Kest impersonation
  • (20:47) Do you want to learn priority yoga cueing from Byron
  • (22:23) As a teacher – try to find 10 different ways to cue the same movement!

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