Episode #74: How to Create Inspiration and Motivation

Do you struggle with motivation and inspiration?

Well, we have an awesome bio-hack that can help you shift your feelings and mindset. It’s all about shifting your physiology. In this episode, we discuss how your physiology has an impact on your feelings and thoughts.

And by changing your physiology (getting up and moving) you can interrupt and change your feelings towards what you want them to be.

If you sometimes struggle to get on your mat or motivate yourself to go to that yoga class, then this is the episode for you…

  • (00:00) If Matthew McConaughey and Byron had a baby…
  • (01:30) Tony Robbins inspired this podcast episode
  • (02:47) Try this at home, and see how you feel!
  • (04:15) Here’s what to do when you’re struggling to go to yoga.
  • (05:15) Drinking tea will make you more British
  • (06:35) How to train your neural pathways
  • (08:20) Ashtanga Yoga can create strong neural pathways
  • (09:52) Another good posture/physiology test you can try at home!
  • (10:42) Byron SHAKES THINGS UP!
  • (13:26) What do you do if you’re at the club and want to dance?
  • (14:25) As a yoga teacher, you can use movement to change up the energy in a class
  • (15:58) Your energy as a yoga teacher dictates the energy of the class
  • (17:57) Are you dead inside?
  • (18:28) This is a bio-hack for getting inspiration and motivation
  • (19:33) How quickly do you get out of bed when you wake up?

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