Episode #71: Healthy Balance of Masculinity and Femininity

Do you struggle to maintain a healthy balance of Masculinity and Femininity?

Regardless of your gender, there are moments in life where we tend to lean more towards one versus the other. Typically in a working environment, Masculinity becomes dominant. In this episode, we discuss all aspects of what Masculinity and Femininity is and the best practices for creating balance in your life.

If you’re keen to find more balance in your life, then listen to the full episode and learn more.

  • (02:54) Masculinity Defined
  • (03:08) Femininity Defined
  • (03:52) Visual Energetic Expression of Masculinity and Femininity
  • (05:20) What Does it Feel Like to be Masculine / Feminine?
  • (06:50) How to Balance Masculinity and Femininity with Work and Life
  • (11:20) How Money and Masculinity are Connected
  • (12:15) Comparing Masculinity and Femininity with Food
  • (14:00) Exploring Different Ways the Body Can Be Out of Balance
  • (14:40) How Do I Balance My Energies Around Other People?
  • (15:15) Using Daily Practices to Maintain Balance
  • (15:40) How it All Relates Back to Yoga
  • (17:40) Toxic Masculinity
  • (18:40) Toxic Femininity
  • (21:40) How “Listening” Will Create Balance

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