Episode #70: Pursuing Discipline

Do you struggle to maintain discipline in your yoga practice?

Today we are discussing all the aspects of discipline and how it relates to your yoga practice and yoga teaching. We discuss the difference between discipline and integrity. How discipline has both positive and negative connotations.

And we talk about the flip side of discipline; compulsiveness, impulsiveness, and going with the flow. We take some time to dissect the mindset of being disciplined all the time, or allowing for some flow and compulsiveness.

Most importantly we talk about discipline for yoga teachers. And we bring it back to probably the most common issue around discipline which is diet and food!

So, be disciplined and listen to the whole episode.

  • (00:00) Nobody wants to tell you why discipline is so important!
  • (01:48) Discipline can be viewed positively or negatively
  • (03:16) The difference between discipline and integrity
  • (04:49) Discipline is a core value of Going Pro
  • (07:09) Does discipline disrupt flow state?
  • (08:04) Attaching meaning to the word discipline
  • (09:35) What’s the consequence of not being disciplined?
  • (10:54) Are you compulsive or impulsive?
  • (13:19) Discipline for a yoga teacher
  • (15:01) Discipline around food and diet is something everyone can relate to
  • (16:33) It’s a fat bastard austin powers kinda thing
  • (19:02) Be disciplined like a spider spinning it’s web
  • (20:10) Going Pro offer

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