Episode #68: Trauma Informed with Rusty Price

In this episode, we get some incredibly valuable advice and insights from Rusty Price on trauma in its many forms.

We discuss the different ways that trauma occurs, shows up, and can impact your life. And importantly we talk about how that comes into the yoga classrooms, and how it can affect you as a yoga teacher.

Rusty shares his experiences, his background, and his professional expertise as a hypnotherapist, natural therapist, neuro-linguistic programmer, and more! He spills the beans on Big T and little t trauma, and how holding space and safety are big parts of being able to heal trauma in others.

Interestingly, we take a look at how your resonance and presence are key skills as a yoga teacher, and dealing with your own trauma is also critical. We even touch upon the holy grail of spiritual teachings… Presence. And different approaches to teaching someone to be present.

Lastly, we finish off with a really valuable recap and advice on dealing with your own traumas, so listen all the way to the end for that!
If you want to connect with Russ, you can do so via his instagram, and if you’re lucky you can book a free session with him:

  • (02:15) Introducing Rusty…
  • (03:39) Rusty is a natural therapist, hypnotherapist, bodyworker, neurolinguistic programmer, and much more! 
  • (05:15) From digging for gold to asking deep questions
  • (06:37) Is anyone really enlightened?
  • (07:20) Yoga teachers have too high expectations from students and themselves
  • (08:46) Teachers, in general, are put on a pedestal
  • (10:37) Release yourself from your perfectionism
  • (11:22) Ashtanga vs. Kundalini yoga teachers
  • (14:23) What is trauma
  • (15:33) Everyone’s got little t trauma
  • (17:36) Big T trauma and little t trauma
  • (20:27) Bringing it back to the yoga class and the nervous system
  • (22:17) The best thing you can do is deal with your own trauma
  • (23:51) Resonance and presence as a yoga teacher
  • (26:06) The holy grail of spiritual teachings
  • (27:17) Invite someone to be exactly where they are
  • (29:36) Teaching presence to beginners or autistic children…
  • (30:25) The breath is one of the most powerful connections to presence
  • (33:59) Yoga of the mind…
  • (36:19) Let’s talk about hypnotherapy
  • (38:55) Safety, or giving the feeling of safety is key to teaching and healing trauma
  • (41:39) How you love yourself affects how others perceive you as a teacher
  • (43:57) Trauma relating to physical ailments/illnesses
  • (46:57) Trauma is here with us in the present
  • (48:03) You should treat your trauma like a baby crying

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