Episode #67: Deconstructing the Ego (Part 3)

In the final part 3 episode about legos and egos, we dive deeper into the how and why we develop an ego in the first place.

Starting from childhood, and how our interactions, upbringing and society actually impact our egos development. Michael shares a poignant story about him as a curious child, and how a singular interaction can/could have had an impact on his ego’s development.

We then get further into how your ego stops you from listening. And how it shows up around how we view and identify ourselves. Especially for yoga teachers, there is so much attachment to how students view us and our classes. So learning to put your ego to one side is an important skill to allow yourself to receive feedback and improve.

For all the details on the ego, listen to the full episode!

  • (01:41) Do kids have an ego?
  • (03:33) Ego’s start to form at an early age
  • (05:04) Michael’s childhood experience with race
  • (06:26) Your society and your upbringing impact or define your ego
  • (08:11) The ego is really good at stopping you from listening
  • (09:12) What’s the risk in checking your ego?
  • (10:45) Are you attached to how others perceive you
  • (12:18) What if you’re just an okay or mediocre yoga teacher?
  • (14:32) Going Pro offer

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