Episode #66: Deconstructing the Ego (Part 2)

In this second episode on the ego, we dive into some of the more personal stories, experiences, and encounters we have had with our own egos.

Byron shares about his first meaningful interaction around his ego. Which was in an acting class at a younger age. We also dial it back to a more basic level of ego-based thoughts, like comparing ourselves to other yoga teachers. Which Byron makes a bold claim about!

Yoga teachers are of course not immune to dealing with their own egos, and you can see that from our own experiences and development too.  We bring the episode to a close, by sharing some advice on shaking things up, making energy shifts, and learning to check your own ego.

Stay tuned for the final episode, part 3 on the ego, coming next!

  • (01:46) Byron’s acting class story
  • (03:51) What stories do you bring with you?
  • (04:46) Do you destroy or befriend your ego?
  • (07:33) Byron’s a better yoga teacher than Paul… he said it!
  • (09:14) It’s all just brain chemistry
  • (11:35) Sometimes you’ve got to shake things up
  • (14:50) Byron’s own experience of his ego
  • (16:05) It’s beautiful to check your ego
  • (17:47) Going Pro offer

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