Episode #65: Deconstructing the Ego (Part 1)

This is the first of 3 episodes where we break down the tricky topic of the ego!

The ego is something that comes up in yoga teacher trainings and around the subject of yoga often. Because yoga is considered one of many paths to ego death.

In this episode we break down the origins of the word ego. Whether it really is a bad or good thing, and the yogic approach to the ego. We also share some pointers and tips on calling out and recognising your own ego. Plus a fun way to name your ego alter identity with the help of Lenny and Barabara!

Check out the full episode if you want to dive deeper into the topic of ego, and stay tuned for part 2…

  • (00:00) Lego the ego
    (01:58) The origins of ego
  • (03:53) The ego simply put is a block from the truth
  • (05:34) Is the ego really a bad thing?
  • (08:05) Are you scared of judgement from others about your ego?
  • (09:09) The Kevin Costner effect is back!
  • (11:24) The yogic perspective on ego
  • (12:29) The ego can also be a victim
  • (13:35) Michael and Christina alter ego’s Leonard and Barbara
  • (14:44) Calling out your ego
  • (16:07) The more touch points
  • (16:54) Going Pro offer

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