Episode #61: Core Value of Freedom

This episode is a breakdown of freedom as a core value.

We discuss what freedom might mean to you, and the different ways you may want or desire to be free. Freedom in some form or another is typically a core value to most individuals. It especially tends to show up in the yoga/spiritual space as people begin to experience different forms of freedom.

Freedom from negative emotions.
Financial freedom.
Freewill to do what you wish.

All of these desires for freedom and what it really means to be free are covered in this episode. Plus we share how yoga is one path to finding freedom.

  • (00:00) FREEDOM FRIES! – Because… America
  • (00:42) Mayonnaise vs Ketchup?
  • (02:02) How FREE do you really want to be?
  • (03:24) Freedom is the ability to disconnect from your attachments?
  • (06:10) What is Financial freedom
  • (07:02) Let’s go into the hypothetical deep end
  • (08:40) Freewill is a mindf*ck
  • (09:45) What does freedom mean to you?
  • (10:30) All people really want is freedom and love
  • (11:52) Freedom from negative emotions and anxiety
  • (13:27) Opening up the free in freedom
  • (14:23) Yoga can help us experience freedom
  • (16:03) Freedom from social media is a huge one!
  • (19:48) Appreciation and balance can make you free
  • (21:31) Going Pro offer

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