Episode #54: Why Emotions Come Up in Yoga

In this podcast episode we are discussing the very intense and powerful topic of emotional release in yoga classes.

If you have experienced a huge emotional release in a yoga class as either a teacher or student, or if you’re interested to experience one then make sure to listen to the full episode. We cover how emotions are stored in the body, and the various ways they can be released through yoga practices. Plus importantly we discuss how as a yoga teacher, the way you conduct your classes can lead to these emotional releases or not…

Byron also shares his own experience and perspective as both a student and teacher. And also the intellectual and emotional perspectives on why you might experience emotions in your yoga classes.

Join us for this dive into a very interesting and stimulating topic!

  • (01:41) Introduction and how emotions and the physical body are linked…
  • (03:25) Yoga is one method of releasing stored trauma
  • (04:56) Acceptance and being seen
  • (06:50) Yoga teachers inadvertently learn to hold space
  • (07:23) Students may perceive you as a teacher in a certain emotional way
  • (08:02) With great power comes great responsibility…
  • (10:35) You don’t always need to be on fire, and you don’t always need to hold space
  • (11:53) Byron’s perspective as a yoga student on emotional release
  • (12:52) The intellectual or emotional perspective
  • (14:51) Slowing down or pushing through, what would you respond to
  • (16:53) This was just the tip of the iceberg, and we will go deeper in the future

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