Episode #52: How to Practice Yoga with a Wrist Injury

Wrist injuries are one of the most common injuries to occur in a yoga class!

And yet it is still very possible to practice yoga with a wrist injury… In this episode, we cover the various ways you can modify and practice yoga whilst managing a wrist injury. We also discuss the teacher’s perspective and how to safely cue and guide students that are dealing with wrist injuries in your class. Also, proper alignment and the importance of warming up are all discussed.

To help you understand how to avoid injuring your wrists in your yoga practice in the first place too.
For those of you interested in the anatomical approach.
Michael also discusses the bones and joints in the wrist.

To help give a better understanding of how and why the wrist functions, and is prone to injuries.
Plus listen all the way to the end for a question that will have you scratching your head!

  • (00:37) Introduction – Wrists Get Used A Lot In Yoga
  • (01:43) The Students Perspective Of Wrist Injuries
  • (03:07) Guided Hand Exercise – Try While You Listen
  • (04:45) The Anatomy Of The Wrist Bones – Why You Want To Press In A Certain Way
  • (06:10) Warming Up Your Wrists Is Essential
  • (07:10) Teaching With Awareness For Injuries
  • (09:34) Cueing For Wrist Injuries And Prevention
  • (10:25) Byron’s Top Teacher Tips For Subtly Cueing Wrists
  • (12:29) Don’t Be Afraid To Support And Reassure Someone To Modify Or Take It Easy
  • (13:19) Our Feet And Hands Deserve Some Love
  • (14:13) There Are More Bones In Your Hand Than Your Spine…
  • (14:51) Hands Are Not Feet, They Aren’t Designed To Bear Weight
  • (16:07) A Poignant Question To Finish…

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