Episode #51: Why Experienced Yogis Still get Injured and How to Prevent it

Have you got injured practicing or teaching yoga?

It’s much more common than you would think, and we are here to explain why.
Plus we cover how you can avoid getting injured or making your injuries worse in your yoga practice.This episode is especially for Yoga teachers. As injuries are far too common in yoga teachers and are easily avoidable.

Injuries in yoga is a topic we are very passionate about at the Going Pro Yoga Podcast. Because yoga is a healing movement practice, so causing injuries is the opposite intention to yoga and something that we can all work to improve.

Check out the full episode and timing notes below:

  • (01:07) Introduction Why Yoga Teachers Get Injured
  • (02:12) Byrons Lessons From Nature
  • (03:45) The Faults Of Our Human Nature
  • (04:44) Don’t Keep Scratching Your Itches…
  • (05:57) Neural Programming
  • (08:34) The Ego Is Not Your Friend When Injured
  • (09:40) This Is God (Byron) Speaking
  • (11:02) Practicing Non Attachment
  • (13:03) Reacting Vs. Responding
  • (13:56) Emotions Get Stored In Your Body

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