Episode #48: How to Bounce Back from Teaching the Worst Class

Have you ever taught a yoga class and left feeling like it was the worst class ever?

Don’t worry, it happens to every yoga teacher at some point. Today we are going to discuss how you can bounce back from that experience. And become a better teacher.

Plus we will discuss what actually makes a “bad class” a bad class. And how your perception as a teacher and the students’ perception of the class may be completely different. There are some really valuable mindset tips and advice in this episode for new yoga teachers.

So dive on into this episode of the Going Pro Yoga Podcast.

  • (01:33) Immerse Yourself In A Bad Class Experience…
  • (03:13) Dealing With Self Doubt
  • (04:55) Our Desperate Need To Be Liked
  • (06:22) Be Yourself Always
  • (07:50) Criticism And Self Doubt Is Normal, Embrace It…
  • (09:36) Find Things To Work On And Improve, And Ask For Help
  • (10:11) Meditate On It
  • (12:04) The Truth Will Set You Free
  • (13:14) Students Feedback And Your Perceptions May Differ
  • (15:16) Byron’s Bad Review Story

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