Episode #47: Pros and Cons of Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga is a style of yoga that is rapidly growing in popularity in the modern yoga world, especially in the West.

But is it actually good for you? Today we discuss the Pro’s and Con’s of Hot Yoga. Sharing our personal experiences and knowledge. Plus talking about the anatomy and physiology perspective of what hot yoga does for the body. And why some people may be more naturally suited to it than others. If you love hot yoga, or if you hate it, or if you’ve never even tried it…

Then listen to the full episode as it may give you a different perspective to consider. 😉

  • (00:55) Intro And Personal Experiences Of Hot Yoga
  • (01:46) Who Is Bikram And What Is Hot Yoga?
  • (02:51) Byron’s First Impression Of Hot Yoga
  • (04:17) Ayurvedic Constitutions
  • (05:16) Thermodynamics In The Body
  • (07:39) Hot Yoga As A Religion…
  • (08:19) The Challenge And Benefits That Hot Yoga Gives
  • (09:55) Keeping An Open Mind, Whatever Stage Of Your Yoga Journey You’re At
  • (13:32) Should You Or Shouldn’t You Practice Hot Yoga?

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